Python Fundamental

1)The developer of Python is-
Bjarne Stroustrup Guido van Rossum
John Warner Backus John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz
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2)A token in programing language refers to-
Smallest unit of a program A part of a program
A reserve word All of these
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3)Which of the following ststement regarding python is NOT True?
It is a cross plateform language It a open source software
It supports OOP It a paid software
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4)Pick the correct statement about Python.
It is compiler based language It is both compiler and interpreter based language
It is interpreter based language Neither compiler based not interpreter based language
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5)Python works in _______ mode(s)
interactive mode only script mode only
both interactive and script mode neither interactive mode nor script mode
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6)What is an identifier?
It is a name given by the user for a part of a program It is a keyword
It is constant It is a function
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7)Which one of the following is NOT an identifier forming rule in Python?
It must starts with an alphabet It may have any character in it
It can have digits except at the beginning It should not be a reserve word or key word
Answer :

8)Which one of the following is correct definition of reserve word or keyword?
Keywords are functions. The words which are used for storing the constants
The words which has special meaning in the language. Keywords are the identifiers in a program
Answer :

9)Which one of the following is a keyword in python?
input eval
false None
Answer :

10)Which one of the following is NOT a keyword?
as While
with def
Answer :

11)Which one of the following is an identifier.
S.I. 1stNo
class _12
Answer :

12)Which one of the following is NOT an identifier?
MyNo No 1
Value My_result
Answer :

13)Which one of the following is a relational operator.
+ =>
<= not
Answer :

14)Which one of the following is a logical operator?
>= or
in %
Answer :

15)Which one of the following is a membership operator?
in and
== //
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