Gen. Science

1)The universal law of gravitation was propounded by -
Kepler Galileo
Newton Copernicus
Answer :

2)The gravitational force with which the sun attracts the earth
is less than the force with which the earth attracts the sun. is same as the force with which the earth attracts the sun.
is more than the force with which the earth attracts the sun. is constant throughout the year.
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3)If the distance between the earth and the sun were twice what it is now, the gravitational force exerted on the earth by the sun would be
twice as large as now four times as large as it is now
half of what it is now one-fourth of what it is now
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4)The weight of a body is
the same everywhere on the surface of the earth. maximum at the pole.
maximum at the equator. more on the hills than in the plains.
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5)Let WP and WE be the weights of a body at the pole and at the equator respectively. If the earth were not rotating then
WP would be more WP would remain unchanged
WE would remain unchanged WE would be less
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6)A person weighs more in a lift, which is
moving up with constant velocity moving down with constant velocity
accelerating upward accelerating downward
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7)A body is taken from the earth to the moon
its mass will be different but weight will remain the same its mass will remain the same but weight will be different
both mass and weight will be different its mass and weight will be different
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8)One finds it more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because
the friction between the ice and the feet is less than that between the concrete and feet ice is soft and spongy where as concrete is hard
there is more friction on the ice than on concrete none of these
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9)It is easier to roll a barrel than to pull it because
the full weight of the barrel comes into play when it is pulled the surface area of the barrel in contact with the road is more in case of pulling
rolling friction is much less than sliding friction None of these
Answer :

10)When velocity is doubled
acceleration is doubled momentum is doubled
kinetic energy is doubled potential energy is doubled
Answer :

11)The work done in holding a weight of 20kg at a height of 1m above the ground is
200J 20J
Zero None of these
Answer :

12)When the speed of a body is doubled, its kinetic energy becomes
quadruple double
half None of these
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