1) The whole area of Harappan culture represents a-
circular area square area
zigzag formation triangular area
Answer :

2)The most common materials used for the Harappan stone sculptures are
Hard stone Hard stone and white marble
soft limestone and steatite granite
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3)Which one of the following processes was used in the manufacture of Harappan seals ?
Punching Moulding
Casting Cutting
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4)Which one of the following metals made its earliest appearance in India before any other place in the world?
Copper Gold
Tin Silver
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5)In weighing, the Harappans commonly used
9 and its multiples 10 and its multiples
16 and its multiples 4 and its multiples
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6)which of following ruling dynasties has not been mentioned in the Sangam litrature?
Kadamba chera
chola pandya
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7) The vedangas consist of
Kalpa, Siksha, Nerukta, Vykarana, Chandas, Jyotisha Kalpa, Siksha, Brahmana, Vykarana, Chandas, Jyotisha
Kalpa, Siksha, Nerukta, Aranyaka, Chandas, Jyotisha Kalpa, Upanishad, Nerukta, Aranyaka
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8)Kharosthi script was derived from
Pictograph Aramaic
Brahmani Cuniform script
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9)garden as an integral part of building art was first introduced in India by
Babur Humayun
Shah Jahan Aurangzeb
Answer :

10)The economic decay of the Mughal empire initially began during the reign of
Aurangzeb Bahadur Shah I
Jahangir Shah Jahan
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11)The four division of society is explicitly mentioned in
Siksha Pursa-Sukta
Yajurveda Hiranyagarbha-Sukta
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12)The capital of Qutab-Ud-Din Aibak was at
Lahore Ajmer
Delhi Agra
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