Computer Sc

1)Which of the following is web browser?
Paint Word
Google Chrome All the above
Answer :

2)What is the full form of USB?
Universal secured box Universal serial bus
Universal securitty block None of the above
Answer :

3)Quickest and easiest way in which a word can be located in MS Word is -
Replace Find
Lookup Search
Answer :

4)Which of the following is not a programming language?
Microsoft Java
C++ Fortran
Answer :

5)To prepare a presentation/ slide show which application is commonly used ?
Photoshop Outlook express
C Power Point
Answer :

6)Which one of the following is not a hardware ?
Monitor Modem
Windows Mouse
Answer :

7)A program developed to destroy data on a computer and can travel to other computer is called-
Virus Computer desease
Super program None of the above
Answer :

8)Most commonly used keyboard layout is -
Answer :

9)Which one of the following is not operating system
UNIX Windows 10
LINUX None of these
Answer :

10)Which software do you use to keep track billing account
Word Processing Web browser
Spreadsheet None of these
Answer :

11)When we cut or copy any text or image it is copied in-
Clipboard Copyboard
Pasteboard All of these
Answer :

12)A device that connects to a network without using cable is called-
distributed wireless
centralised mounted
Answer :

13)Most common way to get virus in your computer is
by installing a game from a CD by uploading a picture from your mobile
by sending an E-Mail by opening an E-Mail
Answer :

14)File extension of Word-10 is
.ppt .docx
.pdf .txtx
Answer :

15)Codes consisting of bars or lines of varying widths that a computer can read is -
ASCII code Gray code
Bar code ISCII code
Answer :

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