1) A link between the living and non-living thing is provided by
bacteria viruses
plankton none of these
Answer :

2)The number of chromosome present in a bacteria is
1 2
3 4
Answer :

3)Honey does not decay because
it contains natural antioxident bacteria can not survive in an active state as it is totally deprived of oxygen
bacteria can not survive in an active state in a solution of high osmotic strength as water is drawn out none of these
Answer :

4)The double helix structure of DNA was discovered by
Watson and Crick de Robertis
Griffith Hershey and Chase
Answer :

5)Milk tastes sour when kept in the open for some time due to the formation of
malic acid citric acid
lactic acid carbonic acid
Answer :

6)"Flame of forest" refers to
a fire in the forest a person holding a flame in the forest
a forest full of trees which burst with red flowers during autumn none of these
Answer :

7)The penicillin is produced by
a bacteria an algae
a fungus synthetic means
Answer :

8)Which one of the following is not a parasite?
mosquito louse
tick housefly
Answer :

9)Blood is formed in the human adult by the
heart lungs
Spleen red bone marrow
Answer :

10)Commonly used spice clove is obtained from the
root stem
flower bud fruit
Answer :

11)Which one of the following is not a stem modification?
arrowroot garlic
ginger sweet potato
Answer :

12)Turmeric is obtained from which part of the plant?
root stem
flower fruit
Answer :

13)Which one of the following moves fastest?
sea anemone bath sponge
amoeba all of these
Answer :

14)Iron necessary for the body, is abundantly found in
milk egg
green vegetables cauliflower
Answer :

15) The main cellular fuel is
fructose glucose
lactose galactose
Answer :